Research and Development principle

"Q"-energy will achieve a quantum leap with the scientific technology for "adhering".

Quantum leap
Quest for Quality...and Performance of Life.

In the long history of pharmaceutical products, patch treatments first appeared before the first millennium and have been continuously improving since then.
KYUKYU PHARMACEUTICAL CO., LTD. was established in 1963, and has been committed to research and development as a specialist manufacturer of transdermal therapeutic patches ever since.
As an extension of this, QQ has developed "Patch for Systemic Effect," "ODF (Orally Disintegrating Film)," and "ADF (Adhesive and Disintegrating Film)" through an innovative approach, supported by its uniquely cultivated technology and expertise.
The concept of QQ's business is "Quest for Quality...and Performance of Life."
QQ continues to work on R&D for the purpose of pursuing new challenges that may play an important role in the future world of medicine. This is all based on an important principle of QQ, which is to realize a better quality and more fulfilled life for patients, medical staff and all other people in general. The creation of patient-friendly medicines is always QQ's guiding principle.