Message from Management

To become a genuinely progressive technology pharma, that strives to create a better quality of life.

The world's first film preparations (ODF, Orally Rapid Disintegration Film Formula, and ADF, Adhesive and Disintegration Film Applicable to Oral Mucosa) were developed and manufactured by Kyukyu (QQ) Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. These innovative formulations quickly caught on as convenient forms of medication and subsequently gained widespread acceptance. Since 1963, the year of QQ's foundation, our improvement in adhesion technology and extremely-thin coating technology has led to a specialization in patches and plasters for anti-inflammatory diseases in the field of orthopedic medicine. Due to our persistence and determination in developing state-of-the-art technology as an R&D company, we have managed to enhance our technology to a higher degree of control at the "ƒÊm" level.

In the midst of a world trend toward globalization and dynamic alterations to the global economy, the pharmaceutical market is also seeing wide fluctuations. Under these conditions, it is becoming more and more difficult to develop groundbreaking new drugs, even for mega pharmas. As a technology-pharma, we seek to take maximum advantage of these adverse circumstances, and aims to combine proven compounds with our own technologies and maximize the medical and commercial potential of such. Our full intention is to address unmet medical needs under the following five goals.

  1. Bioavailability Enhancement
  2. Controlling of Drug Release (Fast onset or prolonged effect)
  3. Good Portability
  4. Easy Swallowing and Taste Masking
  5. High Degree of Comfort and Convenience

Our mission is to offer good value to our customers through innovative safe, and secure medications. From our point of view, such high value medication equals "patient-friendly medicine." We are ready to meet the daily challenge of developing patient-friendly medicines and delivering them to patients in a timely fashion.

While QQ is only a mid-sized pharmaceutical company in the regional city of Toyama, Japan, a continued reliance on QQ's expertise has led collaborator candidates to choose us for the development of new drugs of the patch or film dosage variety. Based on this reliance, we are confident we will leave a footprint that will linger on into the future of medicine. "Quest for Quality...and Performance of Life" -We have a passion to provide all people with not only good quality of life but also a more fulfilled and precious life.

Hirohiko Inada, Ph.D.

Hirohiko Inada, Ph.D.